Hanta Associates is a UK-based organization founded over five years ago.

The consultancy firm is a part of the Hanta International Group, which engages in training, engineering and general consultancy activities world-wide.

Consultancy at it's very best

About Us

The company was set up with the initial aim of providing custom consultancy for corporate clients. The group has consulted for government agencies, financial institutions, energy companies and large trans-nationals in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The scope of the organization has been progressively widened to encompass IT, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy Engineering, Educational Consultancy, Employment Brokerage and the provision of employability training.

Over the past years, in addition to its regular consultancy services, Hanta Associates has been a Lead Organization for a consortium involved in the delivery of the UK Government -sponsored Future-Jobs-Fund scheme overseen by the DWP, in the process helping hundreds of unemployed young adults into gainful employment.