Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable Energy Solutions

Device management

Areas of Expertise:

Working with partners, we facilitate renewable energy solutions, utilizing a variety of technologies in areas encompassing the following sources -

  • Solar (Heat Pumps & PV Panels)
  • Wind (Medium-Scale Wind Turbines & Wind Farms)
  • Biomass (Business Boilers & Heating Systems)
  • Wave (Tidal Wave & HEP)
  • Grey Water Harvesting in Buildings
Device management

What we Offer

We provide planning, design and installation advice for renewable energy schemes. Our consultants have been working on sustainable energy projects for several years, and have been involved with projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We offer low carbon consulting services to help firms meet CO2 reduction targets, or to drive down energy costs. We also provide general energy efficiency audits for commercial and residential establishments.